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Academic Affairs and ESR

The Enterprise Renewal Systems (ESR) was a multi-year, multi-system initiative to replace institutional systems. Academic Affairs has remained a committed partner to ITS in the implementation of these systems. During this transition, Academic Affairs has implemented several efforts.


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As a unit within the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Center for Operational Excellence (COE) will partner with the Deans and Assistant Deans of Academic and Professional Schools and Academic Affairs administrative units to remove barriers to their success. Further, the COE collaborates across UCSD Health Sciences, UCSD Health Systems and Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) to promote best practices across the institution.

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VCAA Spring Listening Session Summary

VCAA hosted listening sessions in spring 2022. These slides summarize the topics discussed during the feedback sessions and the participant exit survey.


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Agile Teams

ESR Huddle

COE serves as a resource center promoting best practices in administrative processes. To that end, the COE has served as an escalation point for ESR issues and coordinated an VCAA ESR Weekly Huddle to work with AA stakeholders to troubleshoot ESR issues in a nimble and agile manner.

Tiger Teams

In response to the ESR escalation paths, Academic Affairs created Tiger Teams under the leadership of AVC-FA Marie Carter-Dubois. The Fiscal Tiger Team, for example, is responsible for Dr. Pat, Default Day and revamping many reports. Other Tiger Teams: RA Bootcamp, Temp Pool, and more to come.

Best Practices

In collaboration with School Deans and Assistant Deans, Professional Schools, and Academic Affairs administrative units, COE is developing resources for best practices.

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L3 Workshops

COE hosts the Lean, Lunch & Learn (L3) Workshops to invite subject matter experts together to explore and refine administrative processes like onboarding, offboarding and reporting. COE provides the infrastructure for the subject matter experts to collaborate and build upon each other's resources and expertise.

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Consolidated access and learning roadmaps are being developed.

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