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ESR Support & Escalation

The Enterprise Renewal Systems (ESR) was a multi-year, multi-system initiative to replace institutional systems. Academic Affairs has remained a committed partner to ITS in the implementation of these systems. During this transition, Academic Affairs has implemented several efforts.

This ESR Support & Escalation Guide is a high-level starting point to find the assistance you need for ESR Systems. Using a tiered system, the links provide navigation to a host of resources, support tickets, escalation contacts, and enhancement requests. This guide is designed primarily for transactors, although employees may also find this information helpful.

Tier 0 "What Can I Do on My Own?" Blink, KBAs, Job Aids, Training, FAQs, CoP
Tier 1 "Where Can I Get SME Help?" Office Hours, Help Desk, Support Tickets, Tiger Team 
Tier 2 "Who Can Help Escalate?" Escalation Contacts, Escalation Ticket
Tier 3 "How Do I Suggest Enhancements?" Tiger Team, Enhancement Ticket, BAH
Samples provided may not apply to all ESR areas.