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Live For Preview

The Role-Based Training Center is now live for preview. Check it out and let us know what you think!


Role-Based Training Center

In May 2022, Academic Affairs announced an inaugural call for proposals for a new Academic Affairs Finance and Administration Transformative Business Services pilot program. This new two-year pilot program aims to encourage schools to collaborate and experiment with new models of service delivery to improve efficiency and customer service, and also potentially reduce frustration for staff performing critical work across the university. 

The proposal selected for the inaugural project was a Role-Based Training Center, which was submitted by the Jacobs School of Engineering with endorsements from the Schools of Arts & Humanities, Biological Sciences, Global Policy and Strategy, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and the Rady School of Management.


Goal #1 - Make it easier to determine what learning resources you need and how to access them.

Since the launch of the Enterprise System Renewal (ESR) program in 2018, UC San Diego has launched 18+ new enterprise business systems. This transition has not only dramatically increased the amount of information to be learned, but also transformed where and how users can find the knowledge resources they need to operate within both the new and legacy systems. Goal #1 focuses on consolidating access to all existing business process trainings into one location that is searchable by several different factors. Additionally, the project will produce learning roadmaps that more distinctly outline the required and recommended trainings based on the role of the individual.

Goal #2 - Fill in the knowledge gaps.

Working with both subject matter experts and business system users, the project aims to build continuous improvement within the Role-Based Training Center in order to better identify and remediate knowledge gaps. Goal #2 will focus on root cause analysis of training gaps, followed by facilitation to fill those gaps with hands-on training experiences which are a critical component of adult learning.


Searchable Training Index
Bring in links of all existing UC San Diego business process trainings into one location that is searchable by:
  • Training name
  • Particular enterprise system
  • Functional area
  • Knowledge material source
  • Keywords
Learning Roadmaps
Produce a guide that helps a user navigate what they should learn at which times based on the role of the individual. This will help to greatly reduce the opportunity gaps that arise when one department’s training varies greatly from others and help to drive more stabilized best practices throughout the organization.
Training Calendar
Scheduled learning opportunities are frequently offered by many central campus units and work groups, but they tend to announce and advertise the session(s) in different locations (Blink, newsletters, email distribution lists, and more). Similar to the searchable training index, we would like to bring in information regarding scheduled learning opportunities into one calendar view that can be filtered by functional areas.
Share Best Practices & Develop Gap Training
When a training need is identified, facilitate the creation/sharing of best practices and develop gap training with an focus on hands-on learning.

More Information

The Role-Based Training Center is now live for preview. Please email your feedback to the Center for Operational Excellence.